Alcohol Extraction Process

The process of alcohol extraction is preferred to maintain the high quality of products that includes sparkling wines, whisky, rum, etc. This modern and efficient method of extraction is used to extract essential oils from the raw material in order to create desired result. This process of extraction is practiced to sweeten the organic products. It is the gentlest way of oil extraction and performed at a lower temperature to conserve the aroma and flavor of the drink.

Process of alcohol extraction

The extraction of alcohol takes place under a condition of vacuum, where wines are heated at the temperature of 28°C. This is done at a lower temperature in order to preserve the flavor and aroma of the product which has a tendency to lose their benefits during the other extraction processes. After the distillation step, the gathered flavor compounds are again added to the wine. This complex process is controlled by a computer and takes few minutes to execute in order to maintain the high level of accuracy and quality of the oil. This is the most effective way of extraction. The extracted alcohol comes with the maximum shelf life of three years, as it is said the oldest the alcohol, the finest it is.