Cold Pressed Method

Cold press is one of the best methods available for extracting the natural essential oil mechanically. It is also known as scarification method where no external heat is required to accelerate the process. The entire heat that is required to carry forward the process is produced internally. However, this method is not preferred for the extraction of vegetable oils but it is highly considered as one of the effective extraction process available.

The whole Process of cold pressing

In this process, oil is extracted from the various fruits, vegetables and seeds by grinding them at a particular temperature. In this method, little pouch containing the essential oil is pricked and after that the whole fruit is squeezed in order to separate the required juice out of the pulp. After that, the most challenging step is performed to separate the essential oil from the extracted juice which is done through the centrifugation process. The oil that is extracted through the cold pressing method has its own fixed life.

History of the cold pressed method

The word ‘cold press’ is derived from the German language which literally means cold pummeled. In Switzerland, cold press is used to denote the temperature of oil that does not exceed the temperature more than 50A °C. Earlier women in Germany used to extract oil manually by pouring the seeds into the 3ped block container and a wooden rim was driven into it. When the block was hit by the wooden hammer, oil starts to drip and during this process, temperature ranges from 85 to 95°C.