Hydro Distillation Method

Hydro distillation is a traditional process which extracts natural oils from the substances such as flowers or wood into water. This method of extraction is broadly practiced instead of steam distillation process to extract essential oils and attars from the delicate parts of the plant or flowers in order to keep the pure essence of the oil intact. In this method, water and oil is exclusively separated through condensation and derived oil posses all the essential properties of the plant or flowers it is extracted from. The hydro distillation process is simpler method than of the other extraction processes.

Complete Process of Hydro Distillation

This process involves soaking of plant material in a container filled with water over heat. The distillation container should be made of stainless steel, copper or glass and must have a condensing apparatus attached to a receiving flask. The produced steam and oil vapor by heating source are condensed in the condensing apparatus. Excess water will dispense out through an opening in the condensing apparatus before it reaches the receiving flask. The receiving flask collects all the distillate.

History of Hydro Distillation Process

Hydro Distillation is among the oldest process of extracting oils from the wood and flowers petals. According to the research, ancient Persians, Indians and Egyptians were practiced this process to distill alcoholic drinks and oils. Since antiquity, hydro distillation method is being practiced to produce essential oils and attars for their fragrance and medicinal properties.