Solvent Extraction Method

This complex process of extraction is used to separate the components of either liquid or solid. It is also known as liquid-liquid extraction method. The solvent extraction method is widely used in the production of perfumes, biodiesel and vegetable oil. Moreover, it is also used in the process to derive plutonium from nuclear fuel, and extracted plutonium can also be used as nuclear fuel, it is also known as nuclear reprocessing. Solvent extraction process is performed by using two distinct liquids together which doesn’t possess a tendency to mix together for instance water and organic solvent.

Process of solvent extraction

The efficient process of solvent extraction is widely used in the chemical industry to separate the required compounds out of the feed stocks. This extraction technique includes how to separate two different liquids which doesn’t have a tendency to mix together like water and other organic solvent. During the whole process the required metal ion is concentrated and purified. The process of solvent extraction is widely practiced in biochemical and chemical industries in order to separate two immiscible liquids. However, to maintain the environmental balance, various liquids –liquid process have been changed to utilize less effective solvents. Solid, liquid or gas can be produced after the process of solvent extraction.